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Swimming pools by Trustate

A pool in a property is a dream for many people, whether it is an outdoor pool or an indoor pool. With this addition the any property is automatically upgraded! Trustate, in cooperation with the appropriate companies and experts, can help you to design and finally get the ideal pool for your property αaccording to your needs.

There are many types of pools:

Depending on their location:

1)Outdoor swimming pools: The outdoor pool is the most well-known type of pool, which compared to other types of pool is considered one of the cheapest to build. Due to the good weather in Greece in winter, even the outdoor pools remain at a relatively good temperature, usually not exceeding 15 degrees Celsius which makes many people use it even before summer without a problem.

2) Indoor swimming pools: Indoor pools are generally more expensive than outdoor pools and can be built anywhere in the house if the proper infrastructure is designed

Depending on their construction:

Prefabricated swimming pools: These are small pools that can easily be installed both indoors and outdoors. Water installation is also a simple affair in these pools.

Inflatable pools: These pools are made of a durable material, the well-known PVH fabric, they are very economical and are a good solution for someone who does not want to pay for the construction of a normal pool.

Permanent pools: These are made of concrete. They have no limitations on their surface or their depth and shape, being a very convenient solution for a swimming pool.

Polypropylene pools: The ecological ones. They are made of polypropylene – an environment friendly plastic. Its use greatly reduces construction time as well as waterproofing costs.