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Golden Visa in Greece

Requirement for the golden visa acquisition: Mandatory age over 18 years

All the advantages of the residence permit in detail:
1) Right to obtain a residence permit for the whole family, i.e., the owner’s spouse, both parents and their children under the age of 21
2) There is no obligation to stay in Greece in contrast to other types of permits, the holder can travel throughout Europe without visiting the country.
3) This residence permit is issued for a full 5 years with the prospect of renewal. For the renewal to take place the owner must still own a property worth €250,000
4) Possibility of obtaining permanent residence: After 7 years of residence, it is possible to apply for Greek citizenship, provided that the resident has spent at least 183 days each year in Greece

Residence permit in Greece

There are many advantages with obtaining the visa for permanent residence in Greece. Listed below are all types of visas as well as their special features. The residence permit allows foreigners to reside on the territory of Greece and to travel without any restrictions throughout the Schengen area. Only it does not provide the right to work.

For investors

One of the most attractive prospects for foreign investors who want to invest in Greece is obtaining the golden visa. With the acquisition of this license, the respective owner receives a house next to the sea and the right of permanent residence in a European country. The conditions for obtaining this license are quite simple and house prices start at €250,000. The process is relatively simple and quick.

For financially independent people

Initially, there is a residence permit in Greece for people who are financially independent.
Α) type D visa: To get this type of visa, you must provide the following documents:
1) First, a passport

2)An official document which confirms a permanent official monthly income of two thousand euros (2.000,00 euros) or above, with a surcharge of 20% of the above amount for the spouse and 15% for each minor child

3)A health certificate with a stamp (Apostille) on it

4)A criminal record certificate also with a Apostille stamp on it

An official document confirming a permanent official monthly income of two thousand euros (2.000,00 euros) and above, with a surcharge of 20% of the above amount for the spouse and 15% for each minor child.

2) Upon arrival in Greece with visa of type D

When you arrive in Greece you must provide the following documents:

1) One Application
2) Certified copy of a valid passport or travel document.
3) Two photos with colour whose specifications are identical to passport photos, on paper, and in the digital format JPEG2000 on an optical disc (CD).
4) Also, a state duty in electronic form in accordance with the provisions of were deemed necessary.
5) Documents confirming that the person asking for this visa has the sufficient means to live as well as a stable annual income, the amount of which is determined by a joint decision of the ministers.
6) Health insurance agreement with a private Greek insurance company permitted by applicable law.