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Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STR) & Travel Agencies

Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STR) & Travel Agencies

Short-term rental accommodation (STR)

Until now, travel agencies have not cooperated massively with short-term rental accommodation  (STR).

After the latest events, the tourist season in Greece is changing, as is the data on tourism services. Borders are gradually opening up, with airlines and accommodation trying to adjust to the changes.

Several property managers have invested in creating corporate sites to attract bookings. Individual hosts who have very reputable and high-end accommodation think that a site may not fit them.

As bookings are minimal to non-existent cooperation with other platforms may cause problems. But it is precisely these moments that the STRs community needs to realize that tourism is not one-dimensional.

The role of Travel Agents is misunderstood.

Travel Agencies are of the most important factors in the formation of travel as their role is very important for the incoming tourism of Greece. They have the legal requirements to carry out their work. In other words, they have a license from the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT) and security of civil professional responsibility. They have infrastructure and reservation systems and experienced staff.Also they are members of National and International Travel Agencies Associations, playing an active role in the development of the Greece as a “brand” in these huge International Sales Networks. They have quality procedures and certifications provided by their Tourist Services.They have participated and continue to participate in International Tourism Exhibitions, business meetings and have developed a huge network of travel agencies and tour operators around the world. Knowing very well the destinations of Greece and also the activities and the special interests of the visitor they can offer complete services, competitive prices and suggestions to any traveler.

The great opportunity of the Greek hosts.

There are many reasons for choosing a STR real estate. Among them are the cost, comfort and independence they offer compared to hotels. Many accommodations are aimed at large families and groups in urban and non-urban settings.

Young people want to experience the accommodation in the heart of the city, looking for fun and different experiences.

Many people are looking for traditional accommodation, wanting to live like locals, while others want to avoid the crowds and the tourist stereotype offered by hotels.

Finally, in the luxury holiday category, it has become clear that villas are constantly gaining ground at all levels in high-demand customers. Especially with the current conditions and how they are formed.

In an emerging STR market environment, travel agencies can offer high quality services. They have the opportunity with specific terms and conditions to integrate them in their tourist services and to dynamically promote accommodation from all over the country.

But they need information like the availability of real estate to be able to inform their customers immediately. Reservation systems, especially property managers, will free their hands in order to easily, quickly and reliably make reservations for their customers.

Also a very important part is the issue of civil and professional responsibility and the hygiene protocols that must be applied. But the most important part is that property managers and independent hosts realize the importance of partnerships. Greek hosts will form alliances with dynamic market professionals. They will gain access to reservation sources that have so far been almost blocked.





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