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Renovation Process by Trustate

Renovation process in Greece by Trustate

Basically, the word renovation means change, thus reflecting its true meaning, since with the renovation process, the layout of a house can be greatly changed.
Property renovation is a process that includes a wide range of procedures until its final implementation. (Demolition, addition of new floors etc).
Renovation in a property can start for many reasons. Initially, there is the possibility that a building is no longer functional (e. g. due to its age) or due to the need to reconstruct a building due to the addition of new floors or other repairs to each
building, which are necessary for its proper operation.
Sometimes an external factor may arise (e. g. earthquake) and a reconstruction of the building may be necessary for safety reasons.
Our company can accurately examine the request of each customer regarding the renovation, conducting an on-site survey of the building in need of renovation examining all the special parameters (wear and tear of the building, technical
condition, age, etc.), to come up with a specific renovation plan that will fully meet the customer’s requests for each building (professionally, industrial or home ownership), calculating the exact cost of the renovation as well as the estimated
time it will take to be completed successfully.

The renovation specialists of our company can briefly undertake:

1) Reconstructions of the building’s-property’s facade
2) Improvement of the thermal and sound insulation of the building
3) Replacement of old and damaged technological equipment
4) Interior and exterior redesign
5) Expansion of the floor numbers or/and of it is total square meters according to its construction capabilities
6) Change of basic structural elements or enhancement of them
7) Replacement of the windows and doors if needed.
8) Architectural redesign of the interior space without changing the basic structural elements.

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