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Property management

Property management maintenance
After the successful purchase and sale of a property, our company can fully undertake the management of your property whether it is a long-term or short-term rental or just your own stay.
Some of our company's services in this context are:
1) Check the payment of all bills (rent, utilities, water, etc.)
2) Provide a full report of an owner on the payment of bills every month or bi-monthly with the corresponding receipts
3) Recruitment of appropriate cleaning staff and general works for the improvement of the house
4) Electricity, gas, water, internet connection etc.
5) Overview of the residence when necessary and appropriate care.
6) Installation of all necessary security systems.
7) Addition of new facilities in case the owner wishes to do so.
8) Full report with photographic and evidentiary material for each new intervention in your home.
9)Useful tool for transparent post-sales cooperation through our custom-made system TRUSTATE PAYMENT (PERSONAL ROOM) were all transactions are fully displayed.

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