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Trustate, having partnerships with a wide range of specialties regarding property
construction, can provide you step by step with all the necessary information and
directions that will help you in the field of property construction combined with its
successful management and final implementation in Greece.
Our experienced partners can help you from start to finish to achieve the step-by-
step start of the construction process the ideal result for you, more specifically:
1) Initially, we find the right location according to the needs of each customer
2) General design, selection of the best materials, necessary project layout,
3)Installation of all necessary systems, heating, water supply
4)Registration with the administrative bodies after the successful completion of the
5) Supervision throughout its implementation & project correction if needed
6) We put the final project into operation

3D model & design in construction

The development of technology in recent decades could not leave the
construction sector unaffected. Three-dimensional visualization is increasingly used
in the implementation of the construction industry with only positive results,
bringing the project client closer and closer to what he wants to see live. 3D graphics
are used all the time, making the experience more lifelike for each customer.
A successful 3D design model with an emphasis on precision and detail is capable of
greatly ensuring the quality of the final project, the client can even have access to
the quality of the materials used!

To be able to create a three-dimensional project that is as close as possible to reality,
after ensuring the final design based on its actual dimensions with emphasis on its
topographic floor plan. We then create a relief model of each project, giving the
appropriate basis to vertical levelling. Along the way, we depict the last details of the
work, such as textures, shapes and even some figures that may appear within an
image. This project is available to the client from all corners of the house and can
give him a reliable taste of the real project, both from the inside and outside.