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 Trustate Management is a  rapidly growing real estate company in Greece.   Executives with  experience in the field, undertake property management and   maximize their use,through various ways (sale,long term rent,short term rent,   middle term rent,renovation etc).
 The primary goals of the company are
 – consulting on real estate and the ways of managing it,
 – providing accurate information on the appropriate actions and their effects,
 – providing personalized and detailed proposals for each owner and at each     stage,
 – choosing of the appropriate method of handling the selected proposal,
 – the use of optimal systems for the integration and promotion of real estate,
 – designing efficient ads,
 -the conclude of sale and rental actions.
 The aforementioned objectives are inextricably linked to legal, financial and   accounting advice. Our experienced staff is close to every owner and interested   in every stage of the collaboration. Our team is focused on providing excellent   service, reliability and constant search for the industry!
 Our philosophy is based on developing long-lasting relationships and not just   successful periodic collaboration.